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Getting started


Installing UnturnedPanel

First thing that you want to do is to download the latest stable Unturned Web Panel release from Github then extract the zip file and install on your computer for example in this example it's installed in C:\www\unturnedpanel. The release should contain wwwroot folder, libraries & configuration files.

Installing Web Server

Based on your operating system this tutorial will cover how to install IIS Express for Windows Server & coming soon for Linux.


Installing IIS

I'd recommend watching this less than 4 minutes video tutorial on how to install it for Windows Server 2012 (it's the same as on Windows Server 2016) or search for How to Install IIS on Windows

Installing Runtime

You wanna go here and download ASP.NET Core/.NET Core Runtime & Hosting Bundle of the latest .NET Core 2.2 release.

When it's done downloading launch the installer and follow the steps. When it's done installing you may need to restart your server.


Configure WebUnturnedPanel

To configure WebUnturnedPanel you open appsettings.json and fill in the fields :D

Configure Domain

Now you want to add a record to your domain that will point specified address to your server. 1. Stands for your domain prefix (sub domain) in this case I made it to point all of domain formats to my server.
2. Here you put your server's IP.

Configure IIS

Add Application Pool

Open IIS Manager and right click on the Application Pools field under your server dropdown (in the box on the left) and press on Add Application Pool... Then you fill the windows as shown below and press Ok.

Add Website

Next thing you wanna do is to add a new website to your IIS web server. To do that you open IIS Manager and right click on the Sites dropdown which is located under Application Pools field and press Add Website...

  1. In this field you select the Application Pool that we added in the previous step.
  2. You specify the path to the folder where you extracted WebUnturnedPanel files (the folder containing WebUnturnedPanel.dll file).
  3. Here you specify the name of the recorded you added before.

When you're done filling the fields press Ok.