Plugin Name: Marketplace
Creator: MCrow
Creation Date: 2020-02-20
Price: $25
Buy: ImperialPlugins

About Marketplace

Marketplace is a three parts project (website, plugin & client side module). It gives your players ability to put up their items on sale, so they can be bought by others through website for in-game currency.


  • Responsive and basic Marketplace website design using Bootstrap & SweetAlerts
  • Plugin connects with website via other thread running web requests
  • Plugin automatically uploads all item assets on the server to Marketplace Web API
  • Client side module to semi-automatically generate and upload server item icons
  • Web API is a bridge between database and plugin
  • Two possible Database providers (MySQL >= 5.7 & SQL Server Express)
  • Saves metadata of items put on sale, including gun attachments, quality, fuel etc.
  • Works with Uconomy plugin
  • Long Term Support

Planned features

  • Translations
  • Vehicles Marketplace
  • Admin dashboard for Marketplace to blacklist items, edit assets and wipe listings

How it works

As it was said in product description, it's built of three projects. They all kind of depend on each other:

  • Web is the most essential part of Marketplace. Through the website players can see items listings and if they sign in through Steam, they can buy and manage their sellings.
  • Plugin provides a way for players to withdraw their items from Marketplace within the valid purchase. It's also got a command to put their items on sale.
  • Module first requests from web API a list of assets uploaded by plugin when first ran on the server and then generate and upload icon for each of them that do not have icon yet


/sell <price> – Puts an item you drop in vault like storage on sale for a given price

<Permission Cooldown="0">sell</Permission>

/claim <listingId> – Claims a listing with listingId you purchased earlier

<Permission Cooldown="0">claim</Permission>