Plugin Name: ChallengeRewards
Creator: MCrow
Creation Date: 2020-01-10
Price: $15
Buy: ImperialPlugins
Workshop: Steam

About Plugin

Players receive random periodic quests that plugin tracks and rewards them if they complete them.

1.1 Update Note

ChallengeRewards 1.1 update are mainly optimization improvements (calling database from non-game thread), clean up (cleaned up the code and changed pattern) and two new UIs.


  • Plugin has support for two different UIs
  • Quests can reward in item, vehicle, money or experience
  • Quest rewards can be claimed either through UI or automatically given on complete
  • 14 available quest types!
Quest Type Description
KILLS_ZOMBIES_NORMAL All zombie kills (except mega)
KILLS_PLAYERS Player kills
FOUND_ITEMS Found items
FOUND_RESOURCES Gathered resources (chopped trees, mined rocks)
FOUND_EXPERIENCE Gained experience points
KILLS_ZOMBIES_MEGA Mega zombie kills
DEATHS_PLAYERS Your (player) deaths
KILLS_ANIMALS Animal kills
FOUND_CRAFTS Found crafts (no idea)
ARENA_WINS Arena wins
FOUND_BUILDABLES Found buildables (picked up structures and barricades I guess)
FOUND_THROWABLES Found throwables (grenades maybe)
FOUND_REPUTATION Gained repoutation


/challenges – Displays challenges UI

<Permission Cooldown="0">challenges</Permission>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ChallengeRewardsConfiguration xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <ChallengeModel ChallengeName="daily" ChallengePublicName="Daily" ChallengeDurationHours="24" QuestsAmount="3">
        <ChallengeQuestModel QuestType="Kills_Zombies_Normal" Target="10" Reward="EXPERIENCE_200" />
        <ChallengeQuestModel QuestType="Kills_Players" Target="2" Reward="ITEM_363" />
        <ChallengeQuestModel QuestType="Found_Items" Target="8" Reward="VEHICLE_93" />
        <ChallengeQuestModel QuestType="Kills_Animals" Target="3" Reward="ITEM_1364" />
    <ChallengeModel ChallengeName="weekly" ChallengePublicName="Weekly" ChallengeDurationHours="168" QuestsAmount="2">
        <ChallengeQuestModel QuestType="Kills_Zombies_Normal" Target="20" Reward="EXPERIENCE_200" />
        <ChallengeQuestModel QuestType="Kills_Players" Target="5" Reward="ITEM_363" />
        <ChallengeQuestModel QuestType="Found_Items" Target="15" Reward="VEHICLE_93" />
        <ChallengeQuestModel QuestType="Kills_Animals" Target="5" Reward="ITEM_1364" />
    <ChallengeModel ChallengeName="monthly" ChallengePublicName="Monthly" ChallengeDurationHours="720" QuestsAmount="1">
        <ChallengeQuestModel QuestType="Kills_Zombies_Normal" Target="30" Reward="EXPERIENCE_200" />
        <ChallengeQuestModel QuestType="Kills_Players" Target="15" Reward="ITEM_363" />
        <ChallengeQuestModel QuestType="Found_Items" Target="25" Reward="VEHICLE_93" />
        <ChallengeQuestModel QuestType="Kills_Animals" Target="8" Reward="ITEM_1364" />


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <Translation Id="NewChallenge" Value="You got new {0} challenge!" />
  <Translation Id="ReceiveExperience" Value="You received {0} experience for completing quest!" />
  <Translation Id="ReceiveMoney" Value="You received {0} money for completing quest!" />
  <Translation Id="ReceiveItem" Value="You received {0} item for completing quest!" />
  <Translation Id="ReceiveVehicle" Value="You received {0} vehicle for completing quest!" />
  <Translation Id="MoneyReward" Value="Reward: {0} credits" />
  <Translation Id="ItemReward" Value="Reward: {0}" />
  <Translation Id="VehicleReward" Value="Reward: {0}" />
  <Translation Id="ExperienceReward" Value="Reward: {0} experience" />
  <Translation Id="NoChallenges" Value="You don't have any challenge" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Header" Value="Challenges" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Next" Value="Next" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Prev" Value="Prev" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Close" Value="Close" />
  <Translation Id="UI_QuestProgress" Value="{0}/{1}" />
  <Translation Id="UI_QuestCompleted" Value="Completed" />
  <Translation Id="UI_QuestClaim" Value="Claim" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Page" Value="{0}/{1}" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Simple_Title" Value="{0} Quest {1}" />
  <Translation Id="UI_Simple_Progress" Value="Progress: {0}/{1}" />
  <Translation Id="KILLS_ZOMBIES_NORMAL" Value="Kill Zombies" />
  <Translation Id="KILLS_PLAYERS" Value="Kill Players" />
  <Translation Id="FOUND_ITEMS" Value="Find Items" />
  <Translation Id="FOUND_RESOURCES" Value="Find Resources" />
  <Translation Id="FOUND_EXPERIENCE" Value="Find Experience" />
  <Translation Id="KILLS_ZOMBIES_MEGA" Value="Kill Mega Zombies" />
  <Translation Id="DEATHS_PLAYERS" Value="Die" />
  <Translation Id="KILLS_ANIMALS" Value="Kill Animals" />
  <Translation Id="FOUND_CRAFTS" Value="Find Craftings" />
  <Translation Id="FOUND_FISHES" Value="Catch Fishes" />
  <Translation Id="FOUND_PLANTS" Value="Find Plants" />
  <Translation Id="HEADSHOTS" Value="Hit Headshots" />
  <Translation Id="ARENA_WINS" Value="Win Arenas" />
  <Translation Id="FOUND_BUILDABLES" Value="Find Buildables" />
  <Translation Id="FOUND_THROWABLES" Value="Find Throwables" />
  <Translation Id="FOUND_REPUTATION" Value="Gain Reputation" />


What UI should I use?

You can use any UI you want, but if you want to use main ChallengeRewardsUI (8430) with pagination and tabs, you'll need to make sure you follow these:

  • You must have exactly 3 challenges named daily, weekly, monthly, so like in default configuration (name is never displayed to player but public name is, so you can translate these to your language)
  • If you want to use claim button, make sure you have GiveRewardOnComplete disabled
  • You can have any amount of quests, that's what pagination is for