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Plugin Name: Moderation
Creator: MCrow
Creation Date: 2019-06-30
Price: $10
Buy: ImperialPlugins

About Plugin

Moderation is an advanced and optimized plugin for punishing and checking players.


  • It's optimized to never crash or delay your server by doing all outside requests on different threads
  • You can configure it to send Discord webhook message whenever someone gets banned, kicked, warned or unbanned
  • It has all of the GlobalBan features and has a checkowner command
  • Unban messages are automatically sent when ban expires
  • Stores players' data long with the code of a country they connect from
  • Saves all punishemnts & bans to database table


/ban [reason] [duration] – Bans specified player for duration with reason.

<Permission Cooldown="0">ban</Permission>

/unban – Removes specified player latest ban.

<Permission Cooldown="0">unban</Permission>

/bans [player/steamID] – Displays a list of bans (optional only the player bans).

<Permission Cooldown="0">bans</Permission>

/kick [reason] – Kicks specified player for reason.

<Permission Cooldown="0">kick</Permission>

/warn [reason] – Warns specified player for reason.

<Permission Cooldown="0">warn</Permission>

/checkowner – Check's the owner of barricade/structure/locked vehicle.

<Permission Cooldown="0">checkowner</Permission>

/playerinfo – Displays player name, country and bans, kicks, warns count.

<Permission Cooldown="0">playerinfo</Permission>

/glitch – Teleports you to suspected glitch barricade or structure.

<Permission Cooldown="0">glitch</Permission>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ModerationConfiguration xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <DiscordWebhook WebhookType="Ban" WebhookUrl="WEBHOOK_URL" WebhookColor="ff0000">
      <MessageFormat>Name: {name}, SteamID: {steamid}, Punisher: {punisher}, Duration: {duration}, Reason: {reason}</MessageFormat>
    <DiscordWebhook WebhookType="Kick" WebhookUrl="WEBHOOK_URL" WebhookColor="f06c00">
      <MessageFormat>Name: {name}, SteamID: {steamid}, Punisher: {punisher}, Reason: {reason}</MessageFormat>
    <DiscordWebhook WebhookType="Warn" WebhookUrl="WEBHOOK_URL" WebhookColor="ffff00">
      <MessageFormat>Name: {name}, SteamID: {steamid}, Punisher: {punisher}, Reason: {reason}</MessageFormat>
    <DiscordWebhook WebhookType="Unban" WebhookUrl="WEBHOOK_URL" WebhookColor="00ff33">
      <MessageFormat>Name: {name}, SteamID: {steamid}, Unbanner: {punisher}</MessageFormat>


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <Translation Id="BanAnnouncement" Value="{0} was banned by {1} for {2} for {3}!" />
  <Translation Id="BanMessage" Value="[BAN] Reason: {0} Time Left: {1}" />
  <Translation Id="BansLimit" Value="You can't view the list of all bans in-game, you must log into console or use the website" />
  <Translation Id="BansLine" Value="BanID: {0} PlayerName: {1} PlayerId: {2} PunisherName: {3} PunisherId: {4}" />
  <Translation Id="BansNone" Value="There is no bans" />
  <Translation Id="UnbanAnnouncement" Value="{0} was unbanned!" />
  <Translation Id="UnbanFail" Value="{0} doesn't have any active ban." />
  <Translation Id="KickAnnouncement" Value="{0} was kicked by {1} for {2}" />
  <Translation Id="WarnAnnouncement" Value="{0} was warned by {1} for {2}" />
  <Translation Id="CheckownerFail" Value="You are not looking at any barricade, structure or locked vehicle." />
  <Translation Id="CheckownerSuccess" Value="Name: {0} | SteamID: {1} | IsBanned: {2}" />
  <Translation Id="RequireReason" Value="You must specify a reason!" />
  <Translation Id="PlayerInfoMessage" Value="{0} from {1} has {2} bans, {3} kicks &amp; {4} warns" />
  <Translation Id="NoGlitches" Value="Could not find any suspected glitch object on the map." />
  <Translation Id="GlitchMessage" Value="You have been teleported to suspected glitch object!" />


How to customize Discord webhhok embed

Each of DiscordWebhook in the configuration file has a MessageFormat property.

<DiscordWebhook WebhookType="Kick" WebhookUrl="WEBHOOK_URL" WebhookColor="f06c00">
    <MessageFormat>Name: {name}, SteamID: {steamid}, Punisher: {punisher}, Reason: {reason}</MessageFormat>

Each of the embed field has a name eg. SteamID: or Punisher and value where you can use variables eg. {steamid} or {punisher}.
Available variables for each punishment types:

  • Ban: name, steamid, punisher, duration, reason
  • Unban: name, steamid, punisher
  • Kick & Warn: name, steamid, punisher, reason

Remember to include variables in semicolons {}
You can also use Discord markdown in the values of the field, so for example to have a player name as url to his steam profile do like this

<DiscordWebhook WebhookType="Kick" WebhookUrl="WEBHOOK_URL" WebhookColor="f06c00">
    <MessageFormat>Name: [{name}]({steamid}), SteamID: {steamid}, Punisher: {punisher}, Reason: {reason}</MessageFormat>

Where can I get WebhookUrl

To have get a Webhook URL you must first create a webhook on your Discord guild. You can do that by going to your Server Settings > Webhooks > Create Webhook

Then you should have a modal like one above at the button you'll see Webhook URL.
You copy it and Save a webhook and then fill the configuration file with your webhook URL.
You can have multiple webhooks to each punishment message type to different channels and with different icon & name.

How to use Ban command

The syntax of a ban command is /ban <player/steamID> [reason] [duration].

Parameter Description
player/steamID If the player you want to ban is on the server you can use his character name to ban him, otherwise you have to use his steamID.
reason Reason should be included between the quotes "" if it's more than 1 word length, it's optional parameter unless you set RequireReason to true in the plugin's configuration.
duration Duration can be formatted like this 1d - 1 day, 1h - 1 hour, 1m - 1 minute, 1s - 1 second, leave empty if you want to permanently ban someone.

See the usage exmaples below

/ban mcrow "breaking rules" 1d 20m 

This will ban player with name mcrow for breaking rules for 1 day and 20 minutes

/ban 76561198285897058 "abusing their powers" 7d 20h 30m 30s

This will ban player with steamid 76561198285897058 for abusing their powers for 7 days 20 hours 30 minutes and 30 seconds

/ban braian "making endless loops"

This will permanently ban braian for making endless loops