Plugin Name: Teleportation
Creator: MCrow
Creation Date: 2019-09-19
Price: Free
Download: Rocket
Open Source: True

About Plugin

This is a similar plugin to the classic RocketMod TPA plugin for Unturned. It's completely made from scratch with, as we believe, better and more optimized code. The plugin adds it's own features, but also leaks few origins one, but they will be added if they'll be highly requested by community.

The documentation for this plugin covers only latest RocketMod 4 version of this plugin master branch on Github


• Don’t allow players to run away from combat or while raiding
• Don’t allow players to teleport while they are in cave or glitched underground
• Notifies when combat/raid mode starts and expires
• Plugin has it’s own cooldown system
• Allows you to set a delay before player is teleported after request is accepted
• Set the color of messages sent by plugin!


/tpa <player> – Sends a TPA request to the given player

<Permission Cooldown="0">tpa.send</Permission>

/tpa accept – Accepts TPA request from the last player

<Permission Cooldown="0">tpa.accept</Permission>

/tpa cancel – Cancels your last TPA request

<Permission Cooldown="0">tpa.cancel</Permission>

/tpa deny – Denies latest TPA request to you

<Permission Cooldown="0">tpa.deny</Permission>

Alies: /tpa a, /tpa c, /tpa d


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<TeleportationConfiguration xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <Translation Id="TargetNotFound" Value="Failed to find a target" />
  <Translation Id="CombatStart" Value="Combat mode started" />
  <Translation Id="CombatExpire" Value="Combat mode expired" />
  <Translation Id="RaidStart" Value="Raid mode started" />
  <Translation Id="RaidExpire" Value="Raid mode expired" />
  <Translation Id="TPAHelp" Value="Use: /tpa &lt;player/accept/deny/cancel&gt;" />
  <Translation Id="TPACooldown" Value="You have to wait {0} before you can send request again" />
  <Translation Id="TPADuplicate" Value="You already sent a teleportation request to that player" />
  <Translation Id="TPASent" Value="Successfully sent TPA request to {0}" />
  <Translation Id="TPAReceive" Value="You received TPA request from {0}" />
  <Translation Id="TPANoRequest" Value="There is no TPA requests to you" />
  <Translation Id="TPAAccepted" Value="Successfully accepted TPA request from {0}" />
  <Translation Id="TPADelay" Value="You will be teleported to {0} in {1} seconds" />
  <Translation Id="TPAWhileCombat" Value="Teleportation canceled because you or {0} is in combat mode" />
  <Translation Id="TPAWhileRaid" Value="Teleportation canceled because you or {0} is in raid mode" />
  <Translation Id="TPADead" Value="Teleportation canceled because you or {0} is dead" />
  <Translation Id="TPACave" Value="Teleportation canceled because {0} is in cave" />
  <Translation Id="TPANoSentRequest" Value="You did not send any TPA request" />
  <Translation Id="TPACanceled" Value="Successfully canceled TPA request to {0}" />
  <Translation Id="TPADenied" Value="Successfully denied TPA request from {0}" />
  <Translation Id="TPASuccess" Value="You have been teleported to {0}" />
  <Translation Id="TPAYourself" Value="You cannot send TPA request to yourself" />